Archive of the competitive selection

The Novi Sad Film Festival's main international competition selection presents the year's most successful feature films by young directors from around the world. Following current developments in the world of film, we have chosen significant feature films that have earned success at international festivals, including those that will be seen for the first time in Serbia.


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Challenges are simpler to conquer when we work together, which is why the Best Pitch regional competition selection was dedicated to initiatives that were already in progress in order to gain support for a successful finish. Feature films from young directors from the region were included in the lineup.


The shortlisted films were: "Levant", Una Radić; "15 and a Half", Mišo Obradović; "Nothing Will Be Named After Me", Miljan Vučelić; "Cycling with Zoli Turčin", Szabolcs Tolnai; "Fruit", Maša Šarović; "Sun, Never Again", David Jovanović; "Wind, Talk to Me", Stefan Đorđević; "78 Days", Emilija Gašić.

The winner was the Montenegrin film project "Nothing Will Be Called After Me" directed by Đorđe Vojvodić.

This year's partner for the Best Pitch Selection is Schweppes.


The regional selection of a short feature student film is an opportunity for young, unestablished directors and future filmmakers to introduce themselves to an audience and win rewards for their efforts. We wanted to stimulate future directors to create, to be active agents of the city's film life by integrating student films in the competition selections, to awaken the competitive spirit, and to provide an opportunity for the first showings to a wider audience. Converse is this year's partner for the short feature student film selection.


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Even the youngest filmmakers will have the opportunity to demonstrate what filmmaking means to them and how amateurs build the groundwork for future professionals. Short films written by high school students will be shown at the "Laza Kostić" Gymnasium, which is the only one in Novi Sad that has a course dedicated to performing and audio-visual arts. This year's partner in the high school film selection is Converse.