About Us

The Novi Sad Film Festival is an international competitive feature film festival in Novi Sad.

The five-day festival is held at locations in the heart of the city. It brings current film productions by young directors, four competition selections, six off-program selections, and panel discussions on the future of the seventh art and new technologies, a focused Industry program that creates significant space for future production and co-production development – accompanied by a music program and guest appearances by some of the cult names from the film industry.

Wishing to position itself as the new symbol of Novi Sad, the festival is aimed towards national and international cinema. In this manner, the Novi Sad audience and filmmakers not only gain an understanding of global works, but also develop an environment for presenting national films to the world.

In this way, future professionals' awareness of film culture grows, as does the professionalism of both Novi Sad and domestic cinéastes, as well as the greater audience's awareness of film culture. Simultaneously, on the trail of its rich film history, Novi Sad is affirmed as a film-friendly environment.