Archive of the industry selection

One of the purposes of the Novi Sad Film Festival is to unite production companies, IT professionals, directors, and anybody else professionally involved in the film industry. The Industry program represents a way to exchange experiences and new practices, that is, to develop a new space for the advancement, education, and networking of film workers and related professions.

Technology has always been an inseparable aspect of filmmaking at various stages of growth, and today, in the digital era, it drastically modifies the ways of filmmaking and even creates new genres. We have the opportunity to meet top experts at panel discussions and open up interesting questions about the mutual influences of technological innovation and film art because Novi Sad has become a regional center of the IT industry in the last decade, with numerous companies that have found fertile ground for development here.

The panel will discuss the reciprocal influence of film and gaming with moderator Ivica Milarić, an expert in the field of video games and digital media. Panelists Aleksandar Bedov, Aleksandar Stojanović, Đorđe Marković and Miloš Platiša will talk about how these two huge industries impact each other, as well as how accessible film art is to changes caused by new technologies.

Vukašin Šoć, assistant professor and head of the study program Video Game Design and Screenwriter at the ILBE studio, will lead a discussion with Zoran Jovičić and Tamara Simić about new visual effects that change the concept of contemporary film, while professor Mileta Poštić will discuss the digital era which significantly changed the ways of filmmaking, and even created new genres. ILBE studiju, vodiće razgovor o novim vizuelnim efektima koji menjaju tokove savremenog filma sa Živom Stanojevićem, Zoranom Jovičićem i Tamarom Simić, dok će profesor Mileta Poštić govoriti o digitalnoj eri koja je značajno menjala puteve filmskog stvaralaštva, pa i kreirala nove žanrove. 

At the press conferences, we will have the opportunity to discuss each film in the Novi Sad Film Festival's competition program, as well as award prizes to the winners. The conferences will take place on September 23 and 24 at the Cultural Center of Novi Sad.

Every year, the Novi Sad Film Festival will present one partner festival to the local audience and media. This year, we have the honor to welcome our partner festival, the Pula Film Festival, as our guest general manager Tanja Miličić in the year they celebrate their 70th birthday. The oldest Croatian film festival has gone through several phases and changes over a period of seven decades, but it has persisted as a symbol of Croatian, regional, and even European film history. As a result, we believe that exchanging experiences with the leaders of recognized cultural initiatives is crucial not only for the Novi Sad Film Festival but also for informing the audience about important regional and other cultural projects.